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once upon a time…

Notte a Piazza Nuova, Aldo Burattoni

Once upon a time, her house was the spit of mine.

Men fall for terrible weirdos in a dumb way more and more as they get older; my old man, fond of me as he constantly was, often did. I never give it the courtesy of my attention.

For here we are in the present, which is happening now, and I am a famous widow babysitter for whoever thinks I am unbalanced but within reason. I am a grand storybook reader to the little ones. I read like an actress, Joan Crawford or Maureen O’Sullivan, my voice is deeper than it was.

da Enormous changes at the last minute, Grace Paley, The Noonday Press


Cappuccetto rosso playing cards

Fernando Milagros scoperto grazie a Foglia