Antinferno di Beckett

(…) Light out, long dark, candle and matches, imagine them, strike to light, light on, blow out, light out, strike another, light on, so on. Light out, light all the same, candlelight in light, blow out, light out, so on. No candle, no matches, no need, never were. As he (qui, she) was, in the dark any lenght, then the light when it flows till it ebbs any lenght, then again, so on, sitting, standing, walking, kneeling, crawling, lying, creeping, all any lenght, no paper, no pins, no candle, no matches, never were, talking to himself (qui, herself) no sound in the last person any lenght, five foot square, six high, all white when light at full, no way in, none out. Falling on his (qui, her) knees in the dark to murmur, no sound, Fancy is his only hope. (…)

da All Strange Away, Samuel Beckett, 1978

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