About lying

It is a bad habit to lie and it is very shamefully painted  by an ancient (Plutarco), who says that it is a demonstration of despising God and at the same time of fearing men.  It is not possible to represent more completely its horror, baseness and its debauchery. Indeed, what could be more ugly than being cowardly towards men and bold towards God?
Since our relations are regulated only by the way of the word, who falsifies it betrays public society. Words are the only instrument through which our wills and thoughts are communicated; it is the interpreter of ours soul: if words fail, we no longer have any connection, we no longer know each other. If the word deceives us, it destroys all our exchanges and dissolves all the bonds of our society.

Montaigne, Saggi, Libro II – Capitolo Xviii, p. 891,Adelphi

L. M., reveals to me that those who lie want an advantage over the other: and isn’t the advantage, the disparity sought and achieved, the basis of all human injustice?

The victim is not you, Oga.

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