Well, you only need one

(…) You just keep doing the same moovie, how can you do it?

You know, there are different kinds of moovies…that, we did that one, you know, can’t keep doing it…

I remember I was having a conversation with Orson Wells one time, we were talking about Greta Garbo and he loved her, I did too but, I mean, he was rhapsodizing about her, and I said: “I agree with you, but isn’t it too bad that she only made two really good pictures?”…out of four, you know, and he looked at me for a long time and he said: “Well, you only need one”.

Peter Bogdanovich, ’55 ”5, Making of The Last Picture Show Documentary. Da L’ultimo spettacolo, 1971, dal romanzo autobiografico di Larry McMurtry

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